3 Fabulous Ways To Stay In Touch With Old Coworkers

Some of us think of our coworkers as family. We see them day in and day out. We bond with them, make time to see them on the weekends and thank our lucky stars that they came into our lives. When we leave a job, one of the biggest bummers can be no longer seeing our colleagues on a day-to-day basis. Check out the following ways to keep in touch with your former colleagues.


1. Schedule Standing Dates To Get Together (Even If That’s Only Yearly)

If you’re friends with a big group of people at your old job, it may be difficult to keep in contact with each one of them individually. After all, you originally had friends outside of work that you had to balance getting together with when you were at your former position, so adding your old coworkers into the already packed mix can be discouraging. But scheduling reunions in groups knocks out a ton of birds with one stone. And, you will be able to experience the same group “vibe” you used to have when you all worked together. Even yearly meetings can make for a great tradition.

2. Plan Get-Togethers Around Business Events

Assuming you all still working in the same industry, keep track of big networking events that are happening in your life—and go to them. For example, if you are aware of a big happy hour session coming up, email your old coworkers to make sure they’re going. You can even invite them to hang out before or after the affair.

3. Go On Their Social Media Sites

Since social media is such a big part of most of our lives, keeping track of your former coworkers technologically makes sense. When you see that one of them had something big happen in their lives- send them a text, email, or call to say congratulations. This way, when you meet up face to face, it won’t feel like you’re popping out of nowhere and it will be easier to have a more meaningful conversation because you’re not just catching up on the past year’s events.


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