3 Keys to Sustaining Weight Loss

Weight loss is on almost everyone’s to-do list. The vast majority of us have a few extra pounds hanging around. While gaining pounds is fairly easy (and fun!), losing them is a tough feat. Even more difficult is the task of keeping them off. It takes long-term discipline and serious determination to get the job done. If you’re in the weight loss or weight management boat, check out these three keys to sustaining your weight loss and keeping at your goal weight.

Water, Water, and Then More Water

Very few people get enough water throughout the day. We’ve simply been conditioned to go without. We drink coffee in the mornings, and then perhaps a soda, followed by tea for dinner, and then it’s bedtime. We may go for days without an actual drink of water. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain that loss, water is a crucial component. Drink water in the morning, before and after every meal, and before you go to bed. If you can, drink eight glasses in order to keep your body feeling full, hydrate your brain and muscles, and flush your cells of toxins and waste.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

If you want your weight loss to stick around, lose slowly. Research shows that the more slowly you lose, the more likely you are to keep it off permanently. Why? Because slow weight loss shows a higher likelihood of a lifestyle change instead of quick fixes. It also allows your body to become accustomed to the new weight, which gives time for proper adjustment. Fast weight loss is exciting, but for longevity, slow loss is king.

Patience is Your Best Friend

You might lose a lot of weight in the beginning stages of weight loss. A caloric deficit and exercise will shock your body at first, and the pounds will melt off. And then comes the plateau. This is where patience is crucial. Stick to the plan and keep going. This is when most people quit, and instead of reaching their goal weight, they gain back what they previously lost. The real trick is to make it through the moments where it feels like you’ll never lose another pound. Don’t give up. More weight loss and drastic changes in appearance are just on the other side.

Weight loss is not a joking matter. It’s likely one of the hardest things you’ll do in life, both physically and mentally. For long-term success, look no further than these three important keys. With the right plan and some determination, you’ll reach your goal and make it to your ultimate goal.

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