3 Simple Steps to a Healthier Spine

Since back pain is one of the most common pains experienced by adults, it’s no wonder that keeping the back healthy is considered an essential part of good health. The spine is a part of the central nervous system. This means that it sends and receives messages to and from all over the body. When the spine is not healthy, other parts of the body are bound to be unhealthy as well. Fortunately, there are some very simple ways to keep the back healthy and strong.

Pay attention to your posture. Quite a bit of back pain stems from years of bad posture. Proper posture requires a straight back, one that is in alignment with the hips and shoulders. Besides causing pain, bad posture has also been linked to depression. Improving the posture can keep pain away, as well as fight the blues. If you have trouble keeping your posture in line, try deep breathing exercises that require breathing from the diaphragm. This encourages a straight back, as it pulls the stomach muscles inward toward the spine.

Go outside. Most people are completely unaware that getting some sun has real and substantial health benefits. The sun, or the Vitamin D absorbed from the sun, encourages energy and bone strength. Both of these are necessary to maintain a strong spine. Bone strength improves the spine for obvious reasons. Re-energizing the spine works because the spine then takes that energy and disperses it amongst the body. Getting a little sun will help keep your spine, and subsequently the rest of the body, healthier in the long run.

Eat right. Maintaining a proper diet is a great way to keep the spine in shape. Good nutrition keeps the bones strong and healthy, but it also helps maintain weight. Too much weight puts undue pressure on the spine, resulting in a less than healthy back. It’s also no secret that a good diet provides the body with the proper vitamins and minerals for optimal overall health.

Keeping the spine healthy is so important to ease aches and pains experienced by the majority of adults. Sometimes, however, even with all of these preventative measures, the back can still get a little out of line. When this happens, don’t be afraid to seek help. Clinics like The Joint… the chiropractic place could help align the spine so that you can feel healthier as a whole. Affordable prices and walk-in appointments can get you back on track to spinal health, and well on your way to feeling better than ever.

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Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Beth Scupham