4 Foods for Men’s Health

Men are often associated with hearty foods. The stigma of men eating steak and potatoes is usually not too far off from the real thing. Considering the fact that many men are beginning to become aware of their health and the long-term effects of diet, it might be time to look at some healthier choices for a man’s plate. Here are some foods that every man should take into consideration when perusing the menu.

Turkey. You don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy this tasty treat. Turkey, especially the white meat like turkey breasts, are exceptionally lean and contain high amounts of protein. They also have a kick of Vitamin B, which boosts energy levels. Specifically for men, turkey also contains large amounts of Zinc, which is known to boost sperm production. Don’t think you can’t experiment with this either. Turkey can be eaten whole (think Thanksgiving), as a sandwich, or in a pot pie. The benefits will come out no matter how it is consumed.

Olive oil. Olive oil is great for everybody. It is great for heart health, and luckily, it can be eaten in numerous ways. It can be cooked with, added as a topping, or taken by the spoonful. Olive oil is also thought to play a big part in reducing pain and swelling in the body, especially around the joints. This one switch in your diet can make a huge difference in multiple places on your body.

Black beans. These little beans can provide a man with much needed protein and a healthy dose of fiber. This one small bean can keep you feeling fuller longer, and will ultimately also help to flush the body. Adding black beans to your diet can also give you the protein you need, without the fats associated with a lot of meats. This can be the entree or a side dish, and can be added to lots of your already favorite meals.

Eggs. There is a reason that Rocky drank raw eggs while training. While you probably don’t want to take it to that extreme, an egg or two a day is actually good for you. Eggs contain concentrated amounts of amino acids which helps to build muscle. They also contain a vitamin specific to enhancing memory. Eggs are easy to add to a diet: cook them in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The benefits are great no matter the time of day you’re chowing down on eggs.

Eating healthier can be easy if you are knowledgeable and prepared. Adding or changing a few simple foods can make all the difference. Try these foods that are especially beneficial for men to build muscle, add energy, and change your body and life.  


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Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Caden Crawford