4 Foods for The Best Skin Of Your Life

Everyone wants healthy skin. After all, it is the first thing people see when they look at you; talk about a first impression. Skin has taken a front seat in the past few years, with advice about how to keep it healthy being abundant. Great tips like stay out of the sun or moisturize have given our over-tanned, dry skin, a much needed boost. Of course, we’re always looking for more ways to keep it healthy and wrinkle-free. One such way to prolong skin health is by watching what goes into your mouth. Here are some great foods for skin health to help you keep it soft and glowing.

Foods with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for the skin. It helps prevent the breakdown of cells, which leads to premature wrinkling. When you think of foods containing a lot of Vitamin C, a lot of people picture a glass of orange juice. It’s true that oranges provide a blast of Vitamin C, but what has even more punch are strawberries. Strawberries have more Vitamin C per serving than most other foods. Eat them or slather a paste on your skin; Either way, they are healthy and delicious.

Foods that are natural moisturizers. It’s common knowledge that you are supposed to moisturize your skin, but it may be a little less known that you can do this with foods. Oils help to keep the skin pliable and soft. The best oils are natural oils like olive or coconut. Again, these can be eaten (or cooked in), and they can also be slathered on the skin. For those seeking maximum benefits, try both!

Orange foods. Foods that are naturally orange contain healthy amounts of carotene. Carotene is a natural wrinkle fighter. It also gives the skin a glow, which makes skin appear strong and healthy. For even more benefits, choose foods that pack a double punch. Pumpkin has carotene along with large amounts of Vitamins C and E, which are both great for the skin.

Foods with antioxidants. Antioxidants are powerful for the body in general, and when it comes to skin, they are a double whammy. Not only do they help fight aging, but they also enhance the protection of sunscreen. Two delicious foods that contain large amounts of antioxidants are blueberries and pomegranates. These two fruits keep skin young, smooth, and healthy.

When it comes to skin, everyone is looking for the magic medicine. Unfortunately, there isn’t any one thing that will give us great skin. But, a combination of the above foods, along with a healthy washing and moisturizing routine, will keep your skin beautiful and healthy.


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