4 Great Ways To Love Yourself Even More

self loveWe all have times when we feel less than great about ourselves, but there are ways to take care of ourselves so that we can get out of our own heads and be grateful for all that we have. When we focus on all of the great people we have in our lives, we learn to feel better about ourselves, too. 

1. Be Nice To Others 

Offering our kindness to others can help us feel better about ourselves and help others respond better to us. This way, we can make better connections with others. You can volunteer, bring soup to a sick friend or bring someone flowers when they’ve had a bad day.

2. Ask For Support From Your Friends And Family

Getting the advice from people we hold dear can make all the difference in building our self-esteem. Many of your loved ones may be going through similar problems and you can help each other find solutions. Friends and family are there for a reason; not only do we spend time with them because we enjoy their company, but also for support, love and enrichment.

3. Spend Time With People You Adore

When we spend time with people we love, we begin to be grateful for the love in our lives, which lifts our spirits and helps us to feel better about ourselves. At the same time, it is great to always look for ways to build your social circle. Reach out and strike up conversations with people who seem kind and interesting.

4. Distance Yourself From Negative People And Places

We deserve to feel good about ourselves and don’t have to deal with people or places that turn us off or cause us to feel badly.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Caylee Greyvenstein