5 Easy Ways To Relax Your Mind At Work

Stress can be quite prevalent at work. Luckily, there are ways to mentally and physically de-stress, making our work more manageable and even fun. Check out these awesome tips:

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1. Take A Mini Vacation In Your Head

Pick one of your favorite vacation memories and relive it in your head. We all have our favorite moments we can think about, giving us a boost of energy, an improved mood and a chance to de-stress. This can be especially effective because it can help us to realize that we really do have a choice in how you feel in a stressful moment.

2. Use The Internet To De-stress

I know, using the internet to de-stress sounds counterproductive, but it really can help. When you go to sites that normally cheer you up, your mind can be instantly relaxed. Check out your favorite sites and try out some new ones for feel-good and calming ways to recharge.

3. Stock Your Desk With Essential Oils

Did you know that aromatherapy scents have been known to decrease stress levels? I place some on my chest and breathe in the scent and it instantly relaxes me.

4. Move Around In Your Chair

If your desk chair allows you to swivel, do so as you breathe in and out deeply a couple of times. Since stress can make us tired, the added movement can help to energize us.

5. Hand Write Your To-Do’s

It may be beneficial to think of your to-do list as a sacred piece of paper that keeps you away from distracting information on the web. You’ll be able to find it easily as well, since it’s written down and not lost in one of your many open browser tabs.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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