Back to Basics: Is Oatmeal the Ultimate Super Food?

Sometimes eating a healthy diet can feel complicated. Eat this, but not that way. Don’t eat that, unless scenario 1, 2 or 3 apply. Avoid these foods … no, wait! These are OK after all! It can be a little much to keep up with.

One way to avoid this never-ending trap is to stick to the basics. But, what are the basics? Let’s take a look at one staple of a healthy diet, oatmeal, and why it should be on your must-eat list from here on out.

Oatmeal Helps With Weight Management

Oatmeal has two qualities that make it great at weight control. For starters, it helps you feel full. If you eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, you’re less likely to snack between breakfast and lunch. Secondly, oatmeal kick-starts your metabolism. A compound in oatmeal causes your metabolism to kick into high gear, thus starting your day out by burning calories and promoting burn all day long.

Oatmeal Keeps Blood Sugar Level

Oatmeal is an excellent way to keep your blood sugar levels under control. The sugar naturally found in oatmeal releases very slowly into the bloodstream, helping to avoid those sharp peaks and low valleys that sometimes occur. This makes oatmeal an excellent food for diabetics, but also for the population in general, as a level blood sugar level is crucial for optimal health.

Oatmeal is Great for the Skin

You may have heard of an oatmeal scrub that promises smooth and clear skin. Whether you use oatmeal internally (eat it!) or externally (rub it on the skin), it can promote skin health. It provides the body with nutrients, works as a very gentle exfoliant, and boosts moisture. If you want to avoid dry skin and promote healthy skin cell growth, oatmeal is the way to go.

Oatmeal May Boost the Immune System

Because of its ability to clean out the digestive system, oatmeal may also boost the immune system, helping to prevent illness and disease. A large portion of the immune system lies within the digestive tract, so keeping it clean and free of toxins allows the immune system to work at its optimal level.

If you get confused or overwhelmed by diet and nutrition advice, just skip the fads and go for the basics. Oatmeal is a great place to start. This old favorite is a healthy food that can bring multiple benefits to the body. Add it to your daily menu, and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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