Eat Your Favorites Without Packing on the Pounds

We all want to be fit and thin and look our absolute best. We don’t want to carry around any extra pounds or be too flabby. We want a toned body that is easy to show off in a swimsuit, but we also don’t want to give up our favorite foods. Give up pizza? Fries? Milkshakes on a hot day? No thanks!

Unfortunately, you can’t eat everything in sight and still have the body of your dreams. However, you can get closer to your goal body without giving up everything that you love to eat. Check out these tips for getting fit without eliminating all of the goods from your diet.

Eat It Last

If you really want those fries, make them the last thing that you put in your mouth. Eat your healthy food first, and then eat a few of the fries. Hopefully, this means that you won’t eat near as many of the fries because you’ll already be mostly full. The hard part? Don’t eat until you are uncomfortable. Eat your healthy food, take a bite or two of your indulgence, and then walk away from the plate.

Factor It In

Some people take an entirely different approach. The basics of weight loss are to burn more calories than you take in. If this is your theory, it doesn’t necessarily matter where your calories come from as long as they stay under a certain number. Those who use this method just factor in their favorite foods. You want pizza for dinner? Then you better eat an incredibly healthy breakfast and lunch. This can work, though it will take some preparation to find out how many calories you need and take in on a daily basis. You’ll also need some self discipline to avoid bad foods all day long so that you can enjoy your favorites later.

Make a Cheat Day

Many fitness professionals are behind this idea. If you NEVER indulge your cravings, you are much more likely to binge. Instead, pick a day and make that your only cheat day of the week. Eat to your heart’s content on that day, but stick tight to a healthy diet every other day of the week. Two things are likely to happen with this approach. First, your desire to binge will go down dramatically. Secondly, people who use this approach report fewer cravings even on their cheat day.

Avoiding your favorites forever really isn’t necessary to get the body you desire. It just takes a plan of action and some willpower. Make a plan and stick to it. It is possible to have your cake and eat it too, but you have to be smart about it. Indulge yourself strategically, and enjoy the body that you’ll earn in the process.

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