Fathers-To-Be: Your Parenting Questions Answered!

“Am I really going to be a father? What do I do? Will I have any free time? How am I going to afford this?” These thoughts may be going through your head as an expectant father and you’re definitely not alone. Becoming a parent can be a terrifying time, but not to worry, you’ll get the hang of it and all will be okay. Check out these excellent tips:

“How Are We Going To Afford This?”

If mom is going to breastfeed, you will save money on your newborn’s food. Many family and friends share their baby clothes because babies grow out of their clothes so quickly- so you can save money that way. You can meet with a financial planner to figure out your expectant costs and how best to manage your money. You can also talk to new parents to find out how they are managing their expenses and what unexpected costs came up. Also, consider talking to you or your wife’s employer and your health insurer to give you an idea of what costs to expect and what is covered. Many companies offer paternity leave, so find out about that.

You may want to open up a bank account for your baby and put a few dollars in each week to pay for items like childcare services, diapers and college. This will give you a head start when it comes to paying for unexpected costs.

“Will I Ever Be Able To Be Independent Again?”

You can still have plenty of fun when you’re a father. In the beginning, you may get little sleep and time for yourself but you will be able to do things that you and your partner enjoy doing together once baby starts to sleep through the night. Make sure to communicate with your partner and switch off on childcare tasks. Try to get to know other new parents who can share their perspectives with you.

When the kids are little, you can include them in many activities, like sitting with you while you read the newspaper, a book or watch TV. You can also take baby around on walks and hikes when you get a carrier.

Remember- many fathers fear missing out on free time, but most parents find that once their child arrives, they greatly enjoy time spent with baby.



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