Fresh is Best: 3 Healthy Foods With a Deliciously Fresh Flavor

Have you ever heard of clean eating? If you have ever looked into diet advice of any sort, you have likely come across this healthy diet. It’s not a diet in the sense that you have to give up certain foods, but rather a lifestyle that can change your health and life for the better. The hard part about this diet is getting started.

What does clean eating include? How can I go from my current diet to a clean diet without completely overwhelming myself? A great way to get started is to start with fresh foods. A fresh taste is nature’s way of letting us know what is healthy and what isn’t. Take a look at these three foods that taste deliciously fresh and can bring healthy benefits to your body and mind.


If you really want something that tastes fresh, pick up a cucumber. The water content in a cucumber is over 90 percent, which is what gives it such a fresh taste. It tastes especially fresh if you keep it cold. Cucumber is also incredibly low calorie and gives you a little bit of Vitamin A, which is great for the eyes, and potassium, which is great for the muscles. Slice cucumber and eat it raw, add it to a salad, or dip it in a dressing to enjoy this fresh treat.

Green Bell Pepper

Bell pepper is another food with a high water content, again contributing to the fresh taste. It also contains a huge boost in Vitamin C and smaller doses of Vitamins A and B6. You’ll also be getting another dose of the muscle cramp fighting potassium. Bell peppers are easy to add to the menu. I enjoy these peppers raw, but many aren’t keen on this idea. It can also be chopped up and sauteed with other vegetables, added to almost any main dish, or stuffed with meat and rice for a main dish.

Citrus Fruits

There is something about citrus fruit that just seems fresh and energetic. Oranges, lemons, limes, and kiwi are all wonderful ways to get multiple nutrients and satisfy your taste buds. Eating citrus will give you Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, or other healthy nutrients depending on which fruit you choose. Add it to breakfast, pop them into a smoothie or fruit salad, or eat them as a healthy snack to enjoy the benefits.

Eating fresh is one of the best ways to improve your diet. After all, you’re unlikely to find a fresh tasting food that is unhealthy. Add any or all of these foods to your regular diet to boost your health and enhance your life starting now.

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