Get What You Need Emotionally By Helping Others

When we’re not feeling our best emotionally, we may yearn for people to help us feel better. But sometimes we need to give others what we’re lacking. For example, if you’re feeling ignored and like no one is taking an interest in you, try taking an interest in other people. Check out these fabulous tips to feel better about yourself:

1. Ask Your Siblings How They’re Doing

Ask your siblings, mother, father, or any family member for that matter, how they’re doing and really listen to them. Ask what’s going on in their life and what they’re excited about. I find that when I’m not feeling fulfilled in my life and I focus on other people, I feel much more complete.

2. Read Biographies

Read biographies on people who you admire or someone you would like to get to know. When we read about other people’s lives, we get out of our own head and stop thinking about our own problems. Reading also expands the mind and helps us to feel more satisfied.

3. Learn Something New

Focus on subjects that you know little about and educate yourself on them. Learning about something new can help us to feel more educated and well-rounded. And who knows, you may discover a hidden passion that enriches your life.

4. Think About What Your Friends See In You

When you’re not feeling particularly good about yourself, think about the friends you have in your life and why they enjoy your company. Are you funny, compassionate and kind? What qualities do you possess that draw people to you? Think on this to help boost your confidence.

5. Be Easy On Yourself

Sometimes we can be our own worst critics. We wouldn’t be so hard on the people we love so why are we holding ourselves to such a high standard. Doing so only lowers our self-esteem and makes it difficult to grow as a person. So work on your self-talk and be compassionate with yourself.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Victoria Cabral