Health Benefits from Swimming

New exercise programs are being created every year. Every gym is on the search for the next trendiest thing in the fitness industry. From Zumba to piloxing and so on, the best exercise is still a classic one – swimming. 

Swimming – The First Cross Trainer

There is a lot of buzz about cross training and crossfit exercises. Swimming is one of the first and natural ways to get a cross training workout with very little impact on the joints. Swimming works multiply muscles of the body and builds strength and endurance. The best part is that you don’t need a post workout recovery like many exercises require.

Swimming is Meditative 

Swimming is not only good for the body, but it is good for the soul. It can be very relaxing and peaceful to swim laps. The water flowing over your body is also very therapeutic. Many people also enjoy swimming because they feel less pain. This is because the water makes the body weightless, allowing little to no pressure on your body. 

Better Sleep 

A good swim leaves you feeling tired and loose, but not overly taxed. It is very easy to fall asleep after a good swimming session. However, try to squeeze a cardio session on the treadmill in too close to bed time and you may find yourself up for hours. Swimming also helps reduce anxiety and stress, making bed time more enjoyable. 

Breathe Easier 

Swimming can help you increase your lung capacity, which will make breathing easier in stressful situations. Regular swimming can also help you learn to breathe more deeply, which is essential to get enough oxygen in. Most people breathe too shallowly, which can then turn into other health problems. For those that suffer from asthma, swimming prevents workout-induced asthma attacks and also helps improve asthma conditions outside of the pool. 

Lower Risk of Diabetes

Swimming helps lower your risk of diabetes several ways. First, regular swimming will keep off excess weight. Swimming helps keep your heart healthy and your blood sugar regular, which means getting type 2 diabetes is significantly lowered. 

However, there is also good news with those who suffer from type 1 diabetes.  The aerobic exercise of swimming can help increase insulin sensitivity. 

What are you waiting for? Take a dive and enjoy the water, even now that summer is over. Swimming is a back-friendly exercise too, so you don’t have to worry about developing chronic pain.


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