Holy Hormones! 3 Natural Ways to Deal With Them

I used to think that hormones was a dirty word. It was something that only pregnant people and the middle-aged had to deal with. Everyone else? We all had it under control. Hormones did their thing, but they rarely affected us in any significant way. Boy was I wrong. Actually, hormones are a huge part of our bodies and minds. We have a great number of different hormones flooding through us at every moment, and when even one of these gets out of whack, it can throw everything into chaos.

Keeping the hormones on track and balanced is crucial for long-term health and wellness. Even people who consider themselves healthy may have issues with them, but luckily this doesn’t always mean a trip to the doctor or is a huge problem. Instead of rushing to the doctor and asking for medication to keep your hormones on track, take a look at these natural ways to promote hormonal health.

Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Your diet can greatly impact your hormonal health. Not only do the specific nutrients make a difference, but your body weight does as well. When we are overweight or underweight, we have a higher chance of having hormonal problems. Eat a diet that is well balanced and full of lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies, and plenty of water. This will help regulate your weight, your metabolism, and your hormones for overall wellness.

Get Adequate Sleep

This is so much easier said than done, but it is so important for hormonal health. When we don’t get enough sleep, our hormones suffer, and we’re likely to see negative side effects such as acne, trouble concentrating, weight gain, or many others. To get more sleep, go to bed at the same time every night without your electronic devices (or vices!). Make your room a cooler temperature, turn off lights and light sources, and give yourself time to wind down. The more sleep, the healthier the body, and the better chance you have of keeping your hormones in check and balanced.

Exercise Regularly

Not only will exercise help to control your weight, but it can help to produce hormones all by itself. When you get consistent exercise, your brain and body produce the hormones that you need for a healthy immune system, a reduction of stress levels, and optimal metabolic function. Take a leisurely walk, pick up jogging, join a fitness class, or check out your local gym. It doesn’t take much to boost your hormonal health. It just takes dedication and consistency.

Though natural remedies will often work, it’s also important to take note when they are not working. When you fail to see a significant improvement, seek the professional help that you need. Healthy hormones are a huge part of a healthy body. Make a consistent effort to keep your hormones balanced, pay special attention to your own body and its needs, and seek help when necessary to stay as healthy and strong as possible.

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