How to Cut Out Extra Calories

Chores vs Hobby

In the quest for a healthy and fit body, there is all sorts of advice out there for fast and easy ways to drop a few extra pounds.  Diet and exercise are crucial parts of staying in shape and getting in shape.  If you’re a dieter, you are probably looking for any and all ways to cut out some extra calories from your diet.  Check out these practical and simple ways that can help you reach your weight loss goal sooner.

Rethink Your Happy Hour

Instead of heading over to your favorite watering hole for drinks after work, why not make a date to go to the gym.  When you go out for drinks to celebrate the end of the week, there are unhealthy temptations everywhere.  Alcoholic drinks can have a ton of calories and sugar.  While you’re drinking, you may even be tempted to order some unhealthy appetizers like mozzarella sticks or deep-fried whatever.  Ditch the bar and make plans to meet at the gym instead.

Perform Your Household Chores

If you have a yard that needs to be raked, make an exercise out of it.  You can turn even bit of menial yard work into a more strenuous exercise.  Why hire a crew to take care of your landscaping, when you can burn some calories doing it yourself?  Not only will you be adding some great exercise to your routine, but you will feel much more rewarded that you helped fix up your own yard and you’ll save money doing it all yourself.

Get Up And Off The Couch

When you’re watching your favorite television show, you probably sprawl out on the couch or floor and zone out.  Why not stand up and move while you’re watching TV?  You can march in place, jump rope, do jumping jacks or push-ups.  This is a great way to multi-task and get some exercise into an otherwise sedentary activity.

Substitute Your Dessert

If you like to have dessert after supper regularly, try substituting it for something else.  And no, I don’t mean a less unhealthy treat: go for a walk during the time you’d be eating dessert each night.  A post-dinner calorie burning walk around your neighborhood might help to kill any sweet tooth cravings that you have following your evening meal.

Try Some Circuit Training

If you’re short on time and trying to fit in a quick gym session, don’t opt for long sustained bouts on the elliptical.  Instead, perform multiple repetitions of a circuit training workout.  Try to limit your rest breaks in between each repetition.  If you can go through the circuit several times without breaks, maybe it’s time to bump up the intensity.


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