How to Have a Healthy Heart

There are few organs in your body more important than your heart. Sure, most of your major organs are vital to your health, but keeping your heart healthy is one of the best things you can do for your body. In America, heart problems plague many because of the lifestyle that has been adopted over many years. Heart health begins with you, so here are some tips for keeping a healthy heart.

It’s important to exercise. Exercise is important for all aspects of health, but is especially important for heart health. Fitness keeps your blood moving, which just so happens to be exactly what your heart does as well. Staying fit also keeps your cardio and stamina up, which helps keep your pulse at a lower rate. A low pulse is beneficial because it keeps your heart from working too hard.

Eating right can also keep your heart healthy longer. This is another tip that is good for overall health. For your heart, eating right keeps plaque from clotting in your arteries. This allows easier movement of the blood through the heart and to other parts of your body. Again, this keeps the heart from being overworked, helping it to ultimately last longer.

It might also be important to lose weight. If you carry a few extra pounds, it can do your heart good to drop them. Extra weight makes your heart work harder to pump the adequate amount of blood through your veins. It also means that you are more likely to have plaque in your arteries or damaged veins and organs. Dropping just a few pounds can lengthen your overall heart health and your life.

The last tip is to take heart healthy vitamins. Vitamins like fish oil are good for the heart in the long run. They keep everything lubricated and moving, which as already pointed out is the goal of the heart: to keep blood moving freely. Other vitamins may be beneficial as well, such as COQ10 and Vitamin D. If you have any doubts, ask a doctor for the most heart healthy vitamins for you.

Keeping a healthy heart can elongate your life, and more importantly, the quality of your life. A healthy heart will have you feeling well now and long into your golden years. Try these few simple tips to develop a routine to keep a healthy heart and body.


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