How to Pack on Pounds in a Healthy Way

The first time someone talked about gaining weight for their health, I was completely mystified. Gaining weight? Seriously? I had never heard of such a thing. The truth is that improving your health may mean losing weight, maintaining weight, or even packing on a few pounds. Not all bodies are created equal, and if you want to build muscle or increase your mass, then gaining weight is essential.

Many are tempted to just eat. Go for all of the sweets, drink all the soda your heart desires, and grab second or even third helpings. But, is this the best way to go about gaining weight? Will this really help you put on mass, or will it simply lead to a pot belly? If you need to gain weight, check out these tips for packing on pounds in a healthy and manageable way.

Eat Protein

Protein is essential for weight loss, it’s true, but it’s also essential for building the muscles. It’s easier than you think to add protein to your diet. You can always add more meat … lean beef, chicken, and fish are excellent options. You can also try nuts and eggs for pumping up your protein. If you’re serious about weight gain, you can also buy a protein powder. This kind of supplement is mixed with other foods to make a shake. Do your research and pick the best option for your body and your ultimate goals.

Drink Milk

Some people who want to gain weight go straight for the milk. Why? Milk has a lot of calories as far as drinks go. If you choose the whole milk option, it also adds some healthy fat to your diet. Don’t go extreme, especially not in the beginning. Just add a glass or two per day to your regular routine. It can also be beneficial to add other dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and creams.

Add High Calorie, Dense Foods

This is not the time to skip carbohydrates. Make sure that your diet includes bread, oats, grains, and other healthy carbs. Add a spoonful or two of peanut butter to your daily caloric intake. Adding higher calorie, dense foods as part of your meals or snacks can help you bulk up without too much effort.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Skip the Exercise

It might be tempting to let the exercise fall by the wayside when you’re trying to make gains. Don’t do this. If you skip the exercise, especially the weights, you’ll pack on the pounds, but not the muscle. Lift weights and do some mild cardio, and you’ll bulk up with lean muscle and minimal fat as a part of your efforts.

I always thought that if having to gain weight was your problem, you were lucky! But, if you find yourself in these shoes, you know it is a real struggle. Use these tips to put on weight in a healthy way. Slow and steady and with a plan, you can gain the weight you need in order to look and feel your best.

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