The Dangers Of Prolonged Sitting [video] – Feat. Dr. Larry

“Prolonged sitting is now being acclaimed as being almost as bad as smoking cigarettes,” Chiropractor Dr. Larry Callaway said.

Dr. Callaway said a growing body of research shows long periods of inactivity can raise your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

It can also provoke more immediate pains.

“It can compress your internal organs, your lungs, not to mention your lower back,” Dr. Callaway said.

If you’ve felt that back ache chances are, prolonged sitting is a factor.

“If you’re sitting slouched, you’re actually putting 275 percent of your body weight onto your lower back. It can really affect your discs, it can create aches and pains and it can mess with your internal organs which most people don’t even think about,” Dr. Callaway said.

Dr. Callaway said poor posture triggers back trouble.

“You’ll feel an ache and a pain in the low back, it may even be in your neck,” Dr. Callaway said.

Also, more time in your seat can increase fatigue.

“That can me you’re not getting enough oxygen into your entire body because your lungs are compressed,” Dr. Callaway said.

There are some things you can do to combat the habit.

“Raise your computer screen so you’re looking up a little bit so you’re taking the pressure off your back,” Dr. Callaway said.

Also, make sure your posture is correctly alligned.

“If you’re slouched, you’re dead. If you’re sitting on top of your bones then you’re aware. If you’re sitting in front of you’re sitting in front of the bones you’re awake,” Dr. Callaway said.

Just that little shift can take pressure off your discs and open your internal organs.

Lastly, get up and move.

“They’re saying now you should get up every 30 minutes. You can do calf raises, shoulder shrugs, squats, lunges. Just something to get your blood flowing,” Dr. Callaway said.

Callaway adds that sitting more than 9 and a half hours a day can increase cancer risk in women by 40 percent, and make men 50 percent more likely of getting a heart attack.