The Truth Behind Fitness Contradictions

If you’ve ever been involved in virtually any health and fitness, then you’ve probably noticed that the advice can be contradicting. Eat more, eat less. Do cardio, skip cardio. Lift heavy, lift light with lots of reps. No matter what the advice, there are seemingly two (or sometimes more!) sides to every piece of information out there. Sometimes, however, some of the best advice really does seem nothing more than a contradiction. Here are a few tips for health that tend to contradict themselves.

You might have to weigh more to lose inches. This one is hard for people that are obsessed with the scale. In reality, the scale is not necessarily the best way to measure progress. Weight, as in the actual number you see, changes a lot based on body composition. To get the body you’re after, muscle building is crucial, but building muscle means the number on the scale may not change much at all. Muscle weighs more than fat, so losing fat and gaining muscle might not change the scale, but it will absolutely change your body composition resulting in smaller clothing sizes.

For more energy, don’t touch energy drinks. In the world today, energy drinks are everywhere, and for a lot of people, they are a staple for getting through the day. Energy drinks, however, are a bad idea for energy in the long run. Energy drinks are packed full of two things: caffeine and sugar. Drinking these will give you a temporary burst of energy, but as soon as the caffeine and sugar levels drop, you’re likely to feel more tired than you did to being with. This often leads to multiple drinks a day, when in truth, if you just skipped the drink in the first place, your energy level would up itself naturally without the up and down effect.

A hot drink might cool you off. Drinking something hot, like tea, when it’s hot outside might seem like a less than stellar idea. But, hot drinks have their purpose. Having a hot beverage when it’s hot can trigger the body’s regulating temperature. Your body feels the heat, and so it turns on more sweat production. Sweat production is the body’s natural cooling process. So drinking something hot tells the body to get the cooling process into high gear. This one should obviously be done with care and not in extreme situations.

Some of the best advice might seem a bit backwards, but there is madness in the medicine. Try these seemingly contradictory facts for better health and fitness. Don’t let the hoards of information confuse you. Be smart and do what’s best for your body.

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Image Credit: Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Olivier Noirhomme