The Undeniable Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin

When it comes to your health, there are a million different aspects to think about. Eat healthy, workout, get in shape, don’t do drugs, take your vitamins, and the list goes on and on. An important aspect of personal health that has taken a front seat in the last few years has to do with your body’s largest organ: your skin. With the popularity of the tanning bed and cases of skin cancer on the rise, skin health has become extremely important. Here are a few ways to make sure your skin keeps that healthy glow.

It’s actually very important to treat your skin gently. It gets enough wear and tear from natural elements, so treating it gently helps prolong its natural health. By all means, exfoliate your skin, but don’t scrub to excess. You should also pat your skin (especially your face) dry, since skin is more sensitive when it is wet. Being too rough can remove the natural oils on your face, leading to dry and cracked skin. After cleaning and drying, do the most important thing for your skin: moisturize! Keeping the skin moist helps to keep its elasticity, leading to fewer wrinkles and a fresher look.

Two more obvious ways to nourish your skin have more to do with what not to do. Don’t expose your skin to too much sunlight. The natural sun is great for you in moderation. Too much, however, can lead to age spots, premature wrinkles, and skin cancer. Ways to help limit your sun exposure include wearing sunscreen and sunglasses and staying far away from the tanning bed.

The second don’t is very important in all aspects of your health, and the skin is no exception. Don’t smoke! Besides being incredibly bad for your lungs, it can also cause wrinkles and robs your skin of much-needed nutrients. When it comes to health, smoking is a big don’t!

The last couple of tips for healthy skin have to do with overall balance. If you want healthy skin, it’s important to stay healthy overall. Eating a balanced diet and getting rid of stress in your life can improve the quality of your health, life, and of course your skin. When your body gets the nutrients it needs through a balanced diet, your health overall improves and your skin is a direct benefactor. Getting rid of stress works in much the same manner, but it also helps in preventing worry lines and acne.

Taking care of your skin means taking care of one of your body’s most precious and most visible resources. Everyone wants that healthy glow, and it can be achieved mostly through care and prevention. Healthy skin, equals a healthy outlook and a healthy you.


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Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Robert Moran