Why Toning is Rarely a Thing and Doesn’t Usually Work

It’s the beginning of swimsuit season. It might not be time to prance around on the beach just yet, but we’re all starting to think about getting our bodies in shape for such occasions. Perhaps that is why, at this time of year, you start hearing people talking about toning up. Oh, I just need to tone up a bit before summer. Or, I only want to tone my arms and upper thighs. People start the usual routine of crunches and squats, hoping to sculpt their body into bikini form.

Unfortunately, these kinds of statements are pointless. No matter how much you want to tone, it’s probably not going to happen. Sound harsh? Hear me out. Toning is a nice thought, but it’s the approach that most people take that causes it to be an utter failure. Take a look at these reasons as to why toning isn’t really a thing, doesn’t really work, and what you can do instead.

What Is Toning?

When people want to be tone, they simply mean that they want a hard body. When they put on a swimsuit, they want to see muscle definition instead of fat. While this is certainly possible, you won’t get it with a million crunches or endless squats every night. To be toned, you have to do two very important things: Burn more fat and build more muscle. In essence, you have to do the very hard job of losing weight.

How Do I Lose Weight?

While there are plenty of fad diet plans that promise incredible weight loss, it all comes down to a very basic principle. In order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories that you take in. Start by cleaning up your diet. Stop drinking excessive sodas, limit your sugar intake, and stick to lean meats and vegetables as much as possible. To further increase the caloric deficit, pick up and stick with exercise. Running, walking, or a fun and exciting class are all great ways to get your body moving and those calories burning.

How Do I Build Muscle?

In order to build more muscle, you have to challenge them in a very specific way. Lift weights. You can start with small handheld weights and work your way up to heavier more substantial numbers. Find a gym with some professional guidance or call on a fitness friend to help you get moving in the right direction. As you build muscle with weights and lose fat through diet, you’ll “tone” your body and finally get the look that you’ve been after.

So, I Shouldn’t Do Crunches and Squats?

It’s not that you shouldn’t do these exercises … it’s that you shouldn’t do them alone. Crunches and squats are excellent ways to improve muscle definition, but you won’t see that definition unless you burn the fat on top. Toning up your body is more than that. It’s another way of building and creating the body you want.

If you want to be ready for swimsuit reason, it’s possible, but you have to find the right approach and plan. Don’t get stuck in the trap of toning up. Get to the meat of the problem: Too much fat and not enough muscle. When you attack the problem at its core, your body will respond and you’ll wind up being the hardest body on the beach.

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