3 Awesome Reasons to Add Eggplant to Your Diet

Let’s just go ahead and face it. Most of us do not eat eggplant. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I don’t know if I have ever eaten eggplant. And yet, from time to time I run across a menu item or a recipe including eggplant that sounds amazing. This got me wondering whether I was missing out on anything. Is eggplant good? Delectable, even? And more importantly, is it a healthy addition to our regular diets? Read on to find three amazing reasons that you should be eating eggplant on a regular basis.

It Promotes a Healthy Heart

This beautiful deep violet plant can help the heart in numerous ways. For starters, it is thought that eggplant can eliminate the bad cholesterol in the body, and promote the good cholesterol instead. They are also known for their ability to control high blood pressure. Though it isn’t thought to be quite as strong as grapefruit, the healthy link between eggplant and blood pressure is relatively well known. Lastly, eggplant may reduce stress levels. This may be good for the heart, mind, and every other part of your personal health.

It Levels Blood Sugar

Many who suffer from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes use eggplant as a way to regulate blood sugar levels. Eggplant contains both high levels of fiber and low soluble carbohydrates. These work together to keep blood sugar levels lower. They should in no way replace the advice of your doctor, but for most they are a nice healthy addition. Add the fact that eggplant is incredibly low calorie, and you have another superfood to add to the menu.

It May Boost Brain Health

Eggplant contains a certain compound that increases circulation and brings much needed blood and nutrients to the brain. This promotes a healthier and more lively brain long term. When the brain receives inadequate amounts of blood, it suffers and parts of it can even die off. To truly gain from this benefit make sure that you eat the skin of the eggplant, as this is the portion which contains the heaviest concentration of this particular nutrient compound.

If you have never given eggplant its fair shake, it might be time to add it to the regular menu. You’ll add a nice flavor, get to try some fun recipes, and add some amazing benefits to the body and mind. It will also enhance your palate and open your eyes (and mouth) to a whole new world.

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