Phenomenal Shape: Tiny Tips Go A Long Way

When a lot of people imagine getting in great shape, they picture going all out. They picture heavy weights and sprinting for miles and restricting their calories more than ever before. Fortunately, this is not always necessary to get in better shape. When it comes to getting fit, a little really can go a long way. For those who find the above scenario a little off putting, check out these tiny ways to get in awesome shape without burning yourself out in the process.

Diet Tips

Maintaining or changing a diet can get really overwhelming really fast. The best approach is to change little parts at a time in order to keep yourself from giving up. Check out these simple tips that require very little thought and effort.

  • Replace Flavored Drinks With Water – Start with replacing just one drink a day. Once you’ve mastered one, replace two. Keep going until you’ve replaced all of your unhealthy drinks with good old H2O.

  • Replace One Side Dish With Veggies – If you aren’t eating enough vegetables, try replacing just one side dish per day with something green. Change it up to keep it interesting. After you’ve mastered this tip, add veggies to another meal in the day. Before long, you’ll be taking in more than your typical dose of daily vegetables.

Exercise Tips

It’s easy to overdo it with exercise. We jump into a routine with a blast of motivation, but this motivation rarely lasts, and we find ourselves giving up. Instead, try adding just a few of these tiny tips to your regular routine.

  • Stretch In the Morning – As soon as you get out of bed, do a quick stretch. The body is naturally inclined to stretch in the mornings anyway, so you’ll just be helping it along. Not only will it increase flexibility and get your blood flowing, but it will feel amazing and get your day started off right.

  • Do a Quick Squat Set – When you get out of your chair at work, do five quick squats. Every time you answer your phone or send a text, do five quick squats. Make it a game or a challenge, and before you know it, you’ll be doing 20, 30, or 40 squats a day without even realizing it.

  • Put a Stability Ball in Front of the TV – A stability ball can be good for balance and working the abs. Make it easy on yourself by placing one in front of the TV. As you watch your favorite sitcom, hop on it and practice either balancing moves or crunches. The stability ball makes it seem more fun, and you’ll likely work the body without the effort required otherwise.

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. It can be just a few small changes that you make to your everyday life. This is a great instance in which a little goes a long way. Make these very small changes to your routine, and then once you’ve got them down, add a few more. You’ll be much more likely to stick with it, and your body will thank you in the very near future.

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